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There is a theory that 3.5% of active citizens are enough to implement grandiose changes in society. We plan to make it an axiom.

brain drain

We created a national group to study the problem of youth brain drain among young people.

Together with the European Youth Fund of the Council of Europe, we are conducting a social study to determine the reasons and prerequisites that most cause the "brain drain in Ukraine"

who we are

We are the Public Organization "3.5%".

Currently, our organization defends the independence of the country from the ranks of the volunteer front - we help civilians, furry friends, hospitals and volunteers from cities that operate in the military sphere. We also work on projects - trainings, lectures, schools, workshops. Non-formal education, reducing inequality, human rights activities, psychological support.

But the most important thing for us is to inspire, motivate, contribute, forever imprinting in the hearts of young people a thirst for change. Because the brave always have happiness!

Areas of activity

Development of civic education and formation of formal/informal/informal educational programs


Development of civic education and formation of formal/informal/informal educational programs

Public activism

Reintegration and resocialization of people who suffered from the war in the East and the occupation of the Ukrainian Crimea.


Activities in the field of human rights protection through UN instruments and reporting to various UN committees.

Human Rights

Psychological and legal assistance to children and youth affected by military conflicts.

Help and support

Reducing inequality, initiating and formulating programs / laws aimed at protecting socially vulnerable groups and minorities.


our team

Karolina Svyrida
Co-founder of Aware Zone, Coordinator of the space in Mukachevo
Julian Krytsak
Co-founder of Aware Zone, Chairman of the NGO "3.5 Percent"
Oleksandr Reshetkov
Founder of Aware Zone
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