Alternatively, brain drain is defined as the emigration or migration of talented people with education and skills from developing or underdeveloped countries to developed countries.
Why is this not okay?
When young people who have opportunities and qualifications move from Ukraine, it discourages investors from investing in the country's development. This affects the country's economic and innovative competitiveness.
Loss of investment
The migration of young people leads to a loss of the labor force in Ukraine, especially if they have qualifications that are difficult to replace. This significantly worsens the economic situation and the state of employment in the country.
Loss of employees
Youth migration worsens the demographic situation in the country, reduces the number of births and increases the aging of the population. This affects public policy, the pension system and other social problems in the country.
Demographic problems
Migration leads to the loss of Ukraine's human potential, a decrease in the level of education and professional training of the population, as well as a decrease in cultural and intellectual diversity.
Loss of human potential
Ukrainian youth from Kramatorsk to Hamburg shared their thoughts and experiences regarding the root causes and consequences of the migration of specialists. This is how we created our social research dedicated to the problem of "brain drain" from Ukraine
Among them are young people
Internally displaced persons
7 000 000
Went abroad
5 000 000
A collegial body of Ukrainian and international experts who will direct their experience to a powerful and effective action plan, which will cover the exact problems of youth migration and offer their solutions
Expert group on the Action Plan to reduce youth brain drain in Ukraine
National youth brain drain research group in Ukraine
A team of young changemakers conducting a national sociological and analytical study of the root causes, current situation and consequences of youth brain drain in Ukraine.
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